Stay hungry, stay foolish-その2

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“Stay hungry, stay foolish”をジョブズ氏は昔から言い続けてきたと書いたが、その元ネタである。

The Three Faces of Steve

米国の雑誌Fortuneの1998年11月9日号に掲載された記事だ。当時はまだ暫定(interim) CEOだったジョブズ氏をFortuneの記者がインタビューしたものだ。


(John Sculleyがジョブズ氏のアップルへの復帰と業績回復を評して)
“The turnaround isn’t a fluke. It’s back to the future. Steve has done an absolutely sensational job of turning Apple into what he always wanted it to be.”
… the company is one of humanity’s most amazing inventions. … a company is this abstract construct we’ve invented, and it’s incredibly powerful.
If you look at the artists, if they get really good, it always occurs to them at some point that they can do this one thing for the rest of their lives, and they can be really successful to themselves. That’s the moment that an artist really decides who he or she is. If they keep on risking failure, they’re still artist.
Sure, there are a zillion things I wish I’d done differently. But I think the things you most regret in life are things you didn’t do.

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